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Florida Plunge Holiday Scavenger Hunt #FPHSH Challenge 3 Complete

Published December 11th, 2013 by Scott Parker

Challenge Completed

The challenge was laid before you and several of you exceed my wildest expectations!  The challenge…put on as many shirts as possible and make that last shirt a Disney shirt for bonus points.  Wow!  You #FPHSH Contenders mean business.

Enjoy the below pictures from the #FPHSH Challenge 3 and Challenge 4 will be presented to you later today!  As always, you can check your current standing here.

42 Pts_Carrie Catalano_Challenge3

And the big winner for this challenge was Josette Smith!  She had 40, yes FORTY shirts on.  Her top shirt was a Disney shirt, so she earned a BIG 50 POINTS!

Josette even provided the following video of her doing count off of all of her shirts!  Josette you are AWESOME!



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