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Inexpensive Fix for Small Bathroom Short on Storage

One thing on our must have list was a 3rd full bath when we moved.  Well our wish was granted with this house, even though we downsized.  The original owner took what should have been a large hall closet and made it into a 3rd bathroom.  An odd shaped small bathroom with a VERY LARGE walk in shower I might add.  Yes, the shower takes up 2/3 of the bathroom and when I’m in it I’m very appreciative of the space.  However, because of it’s size the bathroom houses a small single sink and toilet area.  In the cabinet under the sink first has those much needed pipes which take up a lot of your storage.  Then when you add in bathroom necessities the space become smaller and smaller.

We solved this problem by hanging an inexpensive 3 bottle wine holder between the walk in shower and the bathroom sink.  As you can see in the above picture, it was the perfect fit and allowed us to store 3 large towels out from under the sink, allowing more room for things you may not want visible to your guests.

Do you have a small bathroom?  Is this a storage solution that you could implement?

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