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Jeremiah is not just a bullfrog! He’s also a great way to cool off in Summer!

Today, our family decided to venture out after dinner for a local dessert.  We went to Jeremiah’s Italian Ice at 6864 Aloma Blvd in Winter Park.  Holy cow!  This place is a little slice of heaven.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice specializes in combining fresh fruit, fruit puree, filtered water and sugar and then they throw it in an ice cream maker.  Sounds good right?  It gets even better.  For an even creamier treat, they will layer this goodness with soft serve vanilla, chocolate or swirl ice cream and call it a Gelati. Jeremiah’s has over 15 standard flavors and rotates another 20 or so flavors into the mix.  The possibilities are endless.  Here is what was on the flavor board along with pricing when we visited.

Jul_1_Jeremiahs Ice_1

How to choose you might ask?  It wasn’t easy, but we did make our final decisions.  Here is what the family ordered:Kristi – Small Italian Ice – Flavor Strawberry and Lemon

Jayla – Small Gelati – Flavor Cotton Candy Italian Ice with Vanilla Soft Serve Swirl Lane – Small Gelati – Flavor Cookes & Cream Italian Ice with Chocolate Soft Serve Swirl

Benjamin and I decided to go all Patriotic and got the 4th of July Special.  A Medium Gelati layered with Strawberry Italian Ice, Blueberry Italian Ice and Vanilla Softserve! Folks, if this dessert doesn’t put you in a patriotic mood, I don’t know what will!

Jul_1_Jeremiahs Ice_4

If you have not visited a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, we highly recommend that you do.  There are currently 5 locations with more on the horizon.  Oh and I forgot to mention, they also sell their Italian Ice in Party Buckets.  This would be a great addition to any party or activity you may be hosting.

For a location near you, visit Jeremiahs Italian Ice.



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