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June 10th, 2013 – Whirlwind Weekend

Wow!  What a last couple of days we have had.  School officially ended for the kiddos last week.  I think we were as ready for the break as they were.  On Friday night, we went to Altitude Trampoline Park.  Our neighbors were kind enough to schedule one last meetup for our 3 kids and several of their friends.  The kids loved it and could have stayed playing Trampoline Dodgeball all night!  There were lots of smiles and hugs and everyone had a great time.  We have great neighbors and we are going to miss them all.


Saturday was a day of packing.  The kids went to their Nene and Papa Jim’s house.  As much as we love having them around, this made packing so much easier.  Benjamin, Lane and Jayla enjoyed a day of swimming, smore’s and hot dogs while we worked tirelessly to get those last few items packed.

Sunday started the same way.  After a couple hours or work, we finally got everything packed and out of the house.  It was a long process but it was done.  Before we left, we decided to leave the buyers a special note.  In the note we introduced the neighbors, left them menus to our favorite restaurants and a few coupons for free Slushies and Ice Cream.  Oh and we left them a bottle of wine too.  Who doesn’t need a nice glass of wine after a move, right?  

Empty House_2

Late Sunday afternoon we met up with the family for a going away party with Kristi’s family.  It was a nice quiet gathering with no large fanfare.  We enjoyed sitting around the table and visiting with them.  Kristi’s sister had some snack type foods for us and of course they were Disney themed.

Family Party_2

Sunday night ended with Kristi attending some of her graduating Seniors parties with Jayla and the boys and I went back home to Papa Doug’s house.  I was too exhausted to prepare dinner, so Papa Doug and the boys treated me to one of my favorite meals, Breakfast for Dinner!  The three of them had a great time in the kitchen preparing scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits.  I could not have asked for a better meal!

As you can see, it really was a busy weekend.

So now it’s Monday and we have completed our part of closing!!!  We will hit the road tomorrow morning and our adventures will truly begin!  Stay tuned as we make a pit stops in Baton Rouge, Mobile to visit the USS Alabama, Tallahassee and then our new home in Winter Park, Fl!


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