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June 13, 2013 – We Made It!!!

What a great road trip!  It was full of adventure.  We left Texas on Tuesday, June 11th and hit the road, each of us driving our own vehicle and sharing time with the kids and the dog.   Even with PODS on the way, we managed to pack our cars full.

Cars Loaded_11Jun13

We entered Louisiana and made our first stop in Baton Rouge after about 8 hours of driving.

Stopping is unusual for us, as we usually drive straight through for the 20 plus hours.  We knew we were already tired from the packing and wanted to have some energy reserved before we arrived at our new home.  Unfortunately, Baton Rouge was not without excitement.  At about 4am, Jayla had an asthma attack and her nebulizer machine was not doing the trick.  Scott took Jayla to the closest After Care location.  Fortunately there were no other patients and Scott did not get lost.  Jayla had great care givers at this location and enjoyed the bubbles she received while from the nurses while getting her treatment.

Baton Rouge ER_11Jun13

We were able to leave Baton Rouge with everyone healthy and with that we headed east.  We went through Mississippi, or M I Crooked Letter Crooked Letter I Crooked Letter Crooked Letter I Humpback Humpback I as our kids shouted as we crossed the state line.

Entering Mississippi_12Jun13

Once we passed through Mississippi, we entered into Alabama.

We have driven through Alabama many times over the last 17 years, however we had never stopped to see the USS Alabama.  Well that changed this trip.  We made a pit stop so that we could stretch our legs and explore this magnificent ship.  We encourage anyone traveling this route to stop and visit the ship, but if at all possible do it in the morning.  It was an extremely hot Alabama afternoon.  We are talking Animal Kingdom Hot!

USS Alabama 1_12Jun13

Once our tour was completed and we had cooled down with a nice cool slushie, we were on the road once again.  This time we were headed to our new home state of Florida.  We could not wait to cross the border!  As with previous states, once we entered we stopped at the Florida Welcome Center, only this time we wanted the entire family in the picture.  Funny thing here is, the lady that took our picture was from the area we had just moved from.  It really is a small world after all.

Welcome to Florida Family Pic_12Jun13

From here we made one final overnight stop in Tallahassee.  We were all getting restless, but knew we needed a good nights rest for the short 4 hour drive to our new home in Winter Park.  We arrived home around 2pm on Thursday, June 13.  We finally got to meet our landlords in person and we could not be more pleased.  They are the nicest couple and we feel very blessed that they chose us over all of their applicants and allow us to call their house our home.

We were not even in the house 30 minutes before the kids found their swimsuits and took over the pool.  They all declared the covered pool and patio to be there favorite room of the house and we totally agree with the kids on this.

Pool Time_13Jun13

PODS have arrived, boxes are getting unpacked and we are slowly learning the lay of the land.  As you may know by now, we rented sight unseen, which is not for everyone.  But with a lot of prayer and a whole lot of research, we could not be more pleased.  We love the area we are living in.

Now that we have officially taken the plunge, it’s time for us to soak it all in and share it with you.  As always, if you have any questions please feel to email us, contact us on Facebook or contact us on Twitter.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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