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Liberty Belle Lookout – Disney Magic Kingdom Testing Liberty Square Riverboat Scavenger Hunt

My son, Chris, and I enjoy taking a ride back to the past aboard the Liberty Belle, the Liberty Square Riverboat.  Liberty Belle is a working reproduction of the historic vessels that ferried people up and down the mighty Mississippi. This actual working steam engine converts the water from the Rivers of America into steam that in turn powers the large paddle that propels the boat.


We were pleasantly surprised this past week when we boarded Liberty Belle and learned about the new Liberty Square Riverboat scavenger hunt, Liberty Belle Lookout!  The Disney cast member provided us a fact finding sheet that we needed to complete.  The fun fact sheet not only had questions about Liberty Belle, but also included questions about Riverboat Landing and Rivers of America.


Once we completed answering the questions correctly, we returned our completed paperwork to the Disney cast members.  We were then given this fancy Liberty Belle Pilot certificate.  Liberty Belle Lookout It is a great way to keep the kids engaged on a less exciting attraction, as well as a great way to learn more about Disney.


Chris loved it, and well I’m one happy Disney Dad as my kid learned more Disney history!


Dave Drumheller Owner/Tour Guide WDW Guided Tours Contributor to Taking the Florida Plunge

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