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Magical Photo Wednesday – Disney Balloons

I recently saw a conversation on facebook by a few Disney Community Photographers about that state of the Community. They were discussing the abundance of photographers that do the traditional Disney landscape HDR shot. Now these type of shots are always something I struggle with. I understand the need for them but I can just never get the proper composition down or get the photo to tell any type of meaningful story. So on my last trip I decided to avoid these types of shots and concentrate more on getting the emotion of the parks.

I love these two photos because in one you can see the full on elated joy of a child over something as simple as a balloon. As adults we rarely get this excited over anything. Such a beautiful site it is to see a child light up with excitement.


The second photo happened as I was taking the first. The balloons begin to blow so I thought I would just stick my lens into the balloons and capture the cast member. In the wind I imagine this to be a very stressful job! I couldn’t do it because I would lose all the balloons every time!

As always thanks for looking!

You can view more pictures form Justin on Instagram.


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