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Magical Photo Wednesday – Monorail Dreams

Every week when I sit down to choose this weeks “Magical Photo Wednesday” I always get stuck between 2 images. I go back and forth on which one to choose about a hundred times.

What ultimately makes me decide to share a particular image is how I feel about the story. How personal the image is to me. I really feel that if the image truly connects with me on a personal and deeper level, then it will most likely resonate the same way with people who view it as well.

This week I chose “Monorail Dreams” as my photo of the week because it evokes emotion when I look at it. I snapped this on my last monorail ride of my vacation week knowing that I will probably not be back to Walt Disney World for 2-3 years. The monorail is one of my favourite things at Disney and taking the picture of it empty and including the station felt very.. ominous. Ominous meaning I won’t be back for a few years.

This picture might not mean much to others but it really shows the emotion I was feeling at the time, knowing I might not be back to my favorite place in the world for a few more years.

Thanks for looking!

You can view more pictures form Justin on Instagram.

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