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Making the “EASY DECISION”

It’s been almost a year and I still can’t believe that I get to wake up and see palm trees swaying in my front lawn every morning.  For the previous 21 years I was a boy from the east coast that had become a transplanted Texan.  Work took me to Texas pretty much right out of college.  It wasn’t long after that move that I even married a Texan.

Being a husband and a Dad to 3 kiddos comes with many tough decisions, but one EASY DECISION my family and I made together was the decision to pack up our home in Texas and relocate to Central Florida just 1 year ago.  My family and I had been spending weeks at a time every summer in this great state and Florida was a natural fit for what our family likes.  Things like great weather, beaches and well, there is also the head Mouse that lives right up the highway.  Seriously, this was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made.

One thing I did when we took the Florida plunge was start this blog.  It has been a great way for me to share mine and my families experiences in this adventure, as well as hear from so many others who hope to do the same.  As my blog has grown, opportunities have presented themselves to me. Opportunities that I would have never imagined had we not made relocated to Florida. One of those recent opportunities was from Dove+Men Care, when they invited me to the second/third round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Being a big fan of their products, some of which I use are Dove+Men Aqua Impact Body and Face Wash, Dove+Men Fresh Clean 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner and Dove+Men Hydrate Shave Gel, I was quite honored to have been invited.  This invitation helped validate that the decisions that I am making are right for me and my family.  It also reminded me, no matter whether you are a college coach taking your team to the NCAA Tournament or a Dad who likes to blog about the happenings in his life, always give 110%.  You never know who’s watching and how your actions could help that person make their next easy decision.


NEW Dove® Men+Care® NCAA® Campaign Makes One Decision Easy For Sports Fans Amidst A Tournament Filled With Tough Choices

Men’s lives are full of tough decisions.  During March Madness® sports fans are faced with a myriad of choices, from eagerly awaiting Selection Sunday decisions, to picking which teams will go all the way in bracket selections. This March, Dove® Men+Care® is making one decision easy for men, off the court.  Throughout the 2014 NCAA® Men’s Division I Basketball Championship, a new campaign from the brand will shine a spotlight on basketball’s top decision makers to show sports fans that Dove® Men+Care® is an easy decision for men’s grooming routines (during game day and beyond).

The new ‘Easy Decision’ campaign includes a video series featuring seasoned basketball decision makers and coaches Frank Vogel and Jay Wright. As top professional and NCAA® head coaches Vogel and Wright decide team line-ups and high-pressure plays almost daily, however there is one easy decision on which both men agree – Dove® Men+Care®. The ‘Easy Decision’ campaign will highlight how Dove® Men+Care® body wash and bar offer more care for men’s skin1. The videos will air throughout March Madness® programming as part of Unilever’s multi-year NCAA® Corporate Partnership with CBS Sports and Turner Sports, and on

“Vogel and Wright are experienced decision makers who have to make incredibly tough choices under pressure and while on the clock,” said Rob Candelino, Vice President for Unilever Skincare.  “Dove Men+Care has partnered with these top decision makers to show guys everywhere that no matter what type of tough every day choices they face, choosing products with more care for your skin is an easy decision.”

While I was not compensated for my thoughts or this post, I was given complimentary tickets to the Regional Round of the NCAA Men’s Tournament. My thoughts are my own.



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