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May 27, 2013 – We are Taking the Florida Plunge!


We are The Parker Family!

We are a family that is about to live out our dream. After many years of talking about moving our family to Florida, we are now 2 weeks away from taking the Florida plunge. We are moving to Orlando!

We have a long history of spending our Summers in Southwest Florida at Ft Myers Beach. We love it down there. It’s so relaxing and we enjoy spending several weeks down there with family and friends.

Even with the knowledge we had about Florida, we still had many unanswered questions. We found many great resources on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to help this transition go smoothly.  We also found that spending a week in Orlando without any park visits is possible and allows you really see the city and it’s surrounding areas.

I hope you enjoy following along as we live out our dream and discover all of the magic that Florida has to offer.

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