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My Top 5 Things To Do In Walt Disney World When It Rains

Almost all of us have encountered the uninvited guest at Walt Disney World.  You know the guest I’m talking about!  THE AFTERNOON SHOWER!  Have you, however, been to Walt Disney World and had it rain on you for what felt like forever?  Never fear, don’t let the Florida downpours ruin your next Walt Disney World vacation.

I was recently asked by Rod Wheaton of what I like to to do at Disney when it rains.  Grab a beverage, sit back, relax and take a few minutes to listen as Rod and I compare our TOP 5 THINGS TO DO IN WDW WHEN IT RAINS! Oh and do me a favor, after you listen drop Rod a comment on his page and let him know that Florida Plunge sent you and tell us what your favorite Disney rainy day activity is!



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