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No, Thanks — I’ll Just Book Online (Why You Really Need A Travel Agent)


I admit it — I hate to hear someone say, “Why would I use a travel agent?  I can just book online.” As a travel agent, I hear horror stories every day from guests who booked online only to find that things were exactly as they had hoped.  Even in this internet age, a real, live travel agent can make your vacation a hassle-free experience.  Even better, the best travel agents don’t charge a fee so you get the service you deserve for free!

Still not convinced?  Here are some specific reasons that you really need a personal travel agent.

  1. You’re Already Using A Travel Agent  Did you know that Travelocity, Expedia and similar sites are actually travel agencies?  They are!  They are simply online agencies where the live agents are located at large call centers overseas.  The same is true when you call destinations directly.  Did you know that some of the agents who answer the Disney reservations line have never even been to the Disney parks?  Why not try a local agent who will take a personal interest instead?

  2. Insider Knowledge  Everything looks great in pictures!  You see the gorgeous Caribbean beach and luxurious resort.  What you don’t see is the large construction site next door.   Or you get the offer for incredibly discounted Disney tickets only to find out when you arrive that they are resales and do not work at the turnstiles.  You are forced to buy new tickets so your kids can meet Mickey.  A knowledgeable travel agent can help you avoid the pitfalls of travel and ensure an amazing vacation.

  3. First-Hand Experience  Want to know which cruise line will make your anniversary special or which Disney resort will be perfect for your little princess?  You can try to figure it out by looking at pictures and reviews online but how do you know which information is accurate?  Travel agents travel. We have been on the different cruise lines, visited the resorts and used the transportation services.  We can tell you what it’s really like.  Call one of those large, online agencies and the agent (who has likely never even stepped foot on this continent) will gladly read to you from the destinations’ promotional material.

  4. Save Time  How many hours do you have to research your next vacation?  With the overload of information available today, you’d better set aside at least a day.  Instead, with one phone call or a simple e-mail, someone else can do all the work for free while you go about your day.  Can you say no-brainer?

Save Money  So many people think that travel agents cost more.  Not true!  The best agents do not charge for their services in any way.  We don’t charge fees and we don’t “hide” fees in inflated vacations.  In fact, many travel agents (including yours truly) guarantee the best pricing on many of the vacations we sell plus we offer lots of fun goodies!  You save money and get personalized service and perks.  Oh yeah!

I’ll be honest.  I had never used a travel agent until I became one.  Then, I couldn’t believe I had been doing it on my own all those years.

I had missed out on some great promotions (and paid a LOT more for my vacation), spent hours researching trips and, generally, wasted a lot of time and effort.

Next time you are planning a trip, give a travel agent a try.  You’ll never go back to DIY vacations!

Request a Quote  or contact us at 800-272-7739. Experience personalized service from agents who care.  If you can dream it, we can plan it!


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