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Oaken’s Frozen Funland Offers Ice Skating at Disney Hollywood Studios Starting July 5th

Ice Skating at Disney Hollywood Studios!!!  No need to get the glasses, you read correctly.  As part of the Disney’s FROZEN Summer Fun, the Soundstage One building near the rear of Hollywood Studios will be turned into Oaken’s Frozen Funland!  Guest will be able to strap on their skates and take to the ice on a magical frozen pond.

Skating sessions are $10 for 30 minutes on the ice, including the use of ice skates, socks and a helmet. Guests also have the option of bringing their own equipment. Oaken’s Frozen Funland will be open daily from park opening to 8 p.m., and skating sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Along with ice skating, guest will be able to show for all of their Frozen wares, enjoy special snacks, take photos and enjoy wintertime fun during the hot Florida summer!

(Note: Skating availability may be limited to the sizing of skates. Waivers for all guests are required and minors must have an adult/responsible party age 18 or older present to sign for them).

Now here’s a question for all of you FROZEN fans?  Do you know in the movie what Oaken’s is?  Leave your answer in comments!



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