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Observations 5 Days After Taking the Florida Plunge

Did you know we have a Taking the Florida Plunge Group Page on Facebook?  Well,  we do and I may be a little biased, but I think it’s one of the best group pages out there.  The page is full of questions and answers from those of us that have taken the plunge and those of us that dream of taking the plunge in the near future.  I’m excited to report that the Reisenbichler Family very recently took the Florida Plunge, it’s been 7 days today actually.  Audrie Reisenbichler shared her observations after only being in the Orlando area after 5 short days on our group page and I thought it was worth sharing.

Day 5 after our families Florida Plunge, here’s my top 10 observations:

  1. Grocery Shopping – “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” is sold in square tubs instead of round ones, and you can’t see through the milk jugs.

  2. Lack of snow does not equal lack of precipitation- this is the first day we’ve had that did not rain. But I’ll take 75 degree rain over Michigan weather any day.

  3. Florida may not be considered the Deep South and they don’t have unique accents, but the hospitality is still loud and clear. When hearing I was new in town the staff (not just one person) of a Publix grocery store insisted on showing me around the store and offered tips on creative ways to cook vegetables.

  4. Annual Passes to Disney world freakin rock.

  5. Orlando knows how to party. New Year fireworks were still lighting up the sky at 1am.

  6. I used to get all excited when I would spot anole lizards at the local resorts.  I’ve spotted four in my yard now and I still get excited about it.

  7. Navigating the highways is going to take more practice. You think you’re getting into the cash lane for a toll and then realize you just exited.

  8. Everything seems to be streamlined here- everything from the DMV to the elementary school pickup lines are equipped to handle large amounts of people and they do so very well.

  9. HOAs are not as bad as they sound.

  10. Cascading meteor lights may be the coolest Christmas decorations ever.

Welcome Home Reisenbichler Family and Audrie, I look forward to seeing many more updates from you!

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