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Piston Cup Jr. Ride Along at Disney Speedway

Two new characters are coming from the Disney movie “Cars” to the Richard Petty Speedway at Walt Disney World.  The No. 28 Axler and No. 80 VanDerSpin cars will make their debut at the Richard Petty Driving Experience on June 14 as part of the new Piston Cup Junior Ride-Along program.

For those not familiar with the movie,  Sage VanDerSpin races for team Gask-its and Aiken Axler races for Nitroade. Both character cars will sport their team colors and sponsors and race car will have their own special wrap that will bring them to life.


Both VanderSpin and Nitroade will feature custom racing seats that are specifically designed to ensure the safety and security of smaller bodies. The seats feature built-in shoulder and head protection and a five-point safety harness with the same design used by NASCAR drivers.

The  new Junior Ride-Along program gives kids ages 6 to 13 the opportunity to ride shotgun with a professional driving instructor for three laps in a specially-equipped NASCAR race car. Prices for this awesome experience range from $59-$69, depending on the track.

According to the Richard Petty Driving Experience website, Junior Ride-Alongs do not require reservations and are offered on a first-come first-serve basis between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on days when driving instructors are on track.

The Walt Disney World Speedway also offers ride-alongs, speedway challenges and other racing experiences for adults. Guests can consult the track’s schedule online at or by calling 800-237-3889.


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