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Taking A Day Trip From Walt Disney World to Jetty Park at Cape Canaveral

Since moving to central Florida in 2012 I have visited the Disney Parks at least once a week every week. Yes, I know I’m spoiled, but hey when you take that “plunge” you will be able to do it too! This past week however, I wanted to do something I haven’t had the chance to do since moving here.  I wanted to take a day trip from Walt Disney World and go watch a Disney Cruise Ship sail out of port. For those of you who do not know Port Canaveral is an hour drive east of Walt Disney World and in 2014 will be home to the Disney Magic, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise ships. These beautiful ships set sail every week on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

This is what you get to see when you come over the bridge into the city of Cape Canaveral…This is the Disney Dream!

I wanted to get the up close, in your face view of the sail away so we headed to the Jetty Park at Cape Canaveral. Now there is a $10 charge to park here, but it has the best views along with restrooms ,snack bar and a beach. In fact, I want to stay a night in the cute little cabins, but that’s another blog post.

The rain looked really close this day, but we made it out dry. These huge rocks make perfect seats, though not very comfortable.

Before too long…there was the Dream! Beautiful isn’t she!

She certainly is a big girl…and I mean that in the most loving way. Look at the tiny people on top deck!

It is so much fun to wave and yell “Bon Voyage” to the lucky passengers. Oh and the best part is the horn!!! Oh yes, be prepared because it is loud.

It is amazing how this massive ship just floats right by without leaving any wake behind.

And just like that…she was gone.

So, who is ready to set sail? I know I am! This was an awesome adventure and I can’t wait to do it again, but a little secret to keep you and me happy until we can set sail…there is a lovely, live webcam perched ever so perfect at Port Canaveral for your viewing pleasure  Cape Canaveral Cruise Ship Web Cam.

~ Libby Pennell


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