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The Enchanted Tiki Room at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

When I visit Magic Kingdom generally the Enchanted Tiki Room is not on my priority list. I know, I am an awful Disney fan.  The last time I saw the **Ahem** show, was when it had been taken over by Iago and Zazu. It was…. Ok.

So now that it had been restored to its former glory, I had to go check it out. I am after all a lover of all things Disney nostalgia. To really enjoy the experience I put myself in the mind frame of a Disney Parks guest visiting the parks for the first time when they opened in California.  I set advancements in technology aside and just enjoyed it for what it was.


One thing I did notice was all of the guests turning their heads, lots of smiles and children pointing. A reminder of Uncle Walt’s vision slapped me upside the head and I thought to myself “This is what it is all about”.

Yes there is always going to be new tech, better ride updates, and better story lines, but you have to view it at face value for what it is. This was not meant for my generation, yet it still entertains. I don’t know that Walt could have ever dreamed his company would become the mega giant it is now, but I do promise you this. He would be thrilled to know that an attraction such as The Enchanted Tiki Room has entertained millions of people for many years.

I hope you enjoy! ~ Justin

What Disney Parks ride from Disney History do you wish was still in operation?

You can view more photos form Justin on Facebook!  Also, be sure and check out his “The Cast of Disney” album on Flickr!


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