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The #OneDisneyDay Coast to Coast Showdown Point System

We have less than 24 hours for the 1st Ever #OneDisneyday Event Taking the Florida Plunge vs. Christine Slater, MMP Travel Here is the Disney Throwdown Point Sysem

1 point for each piece of Disney apparel worn (lanyard with pins – counting as 1 piece)

1 point for each Disney attraction

5 points for getting an I’m Celebrating Button and having them put #OneDisneyDay on it

3 points for a photo of a Disney snack

5 bonus points if the Disney snack is eaten in front of the Castle by the contestant

1 point for each character or Disney citizen posing in a photo with the participant

10 points for any attraction enjoyed 3 + times.  Can be used more than once ex:  Tea Cups 6x = 26 points (1 point for each ride and then 10 bonus points for the 3 rides x 2)

5 points for enjoying a parade or a live action show start to finish (Hall of Presidents, Captain EO etc will count as attractions at 1 point each)

5 bonus points for having the higher score on Buzz- photo or log scores

5 points for each 100,000 points on Buzz- photo or log scores

2 points for a picture taken in front of each “land” sign you can get

5 points for going to Tom Sawyers Island/Pirates Lair and making the trek to the FORT

1 full circle ride on the Disneyland Railroad counts as 1 attraction.   Contestant may take the full circle ride through the course of the day and use the railroad as transportation.  Must go through every depot at some point throughout the day to count.

1 ride up or down Main Street on transportation counts as 1 attraction.  They are one way.

Scott may count the monorail or the ferry to Magic Kingdom as 1 attraction each way.

Christine may count the monorail at Disneyland to and from DTD as 1 attraction each way as well.

Both contestants agree that this challenge is On My Honor.  We will count attractions, number of times attractions were ridden and meet and greets by twitter, photos, FB as we can.  In the event of electronic failure or wi-fi melt down we both know that we are honest and fun Disney lovers and keeping track “the old fashioned way” with a paper and pencil IS VALID!   We will each go through our photos and log our points individually and report back to the other by Wednesday 2/12/14.

Remember!  You can WIN a $50 Disney Gift Card during the #OneDisneyDay challenge.  Just follow, retweet and share this event and keep encouraging us throughout the day.  If there is something you want us to do in the parks, just post and let us know!



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