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The Pennell Family Took the Florida Plunge

The Pennell family is living their dream and I’m to glad that Tony and Libby shared their relocation experience with me.

Pennell Family_1

Scott:  Who took the plunge? Libby:  Myself, Tony, Jordan and Hannah

Scott:  When did you take the plunge? Libby:  We took the plunge and relocated to Florida on March 28, 2012

Scott:  Where did you move from? Libby:  Our family moved here from North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Scott:  What area of Florida did you move to? Libby:  Our address is in Davenport, FL, but we live near Reunion.

Scott:  Why did you choose that area? Libby:  At the time we only had two choices of rentals in our price range.  We are so happy with our choice.  We love our neighborhood and our home is perfect!

Scott:  Did you choose to buy or rent when you took your plunge and why? Libby:  We chose to rent and we will continue to rent. We love the freedom and we never know where the road will lead us next.

Scott:  Why did you relocate to Orlando? Libby:  Tony and I have always dreamed of living in Florida.  As a family, we would visit Disney twice a year and it got harder and harder to leave.  Honestly, we wanted to live near the coast, but we thought working for Disney would be fun so we went for it and here we are!

Scott:  Did you have any problems finding a job after you took the plunge? Libby:  Tony got his job first before we moved. He got the call on a Thursday and we moved the following Wednesday. We had made a few short trips down before hand to put in applications and look around for rentals. Once the job was set we were on our way!

Scott:  What has been the most difficult part of your move? Libby:  For us the hardest thing was starting over. We left everything behind…sold it all…even down to one car. It was so scary and has been the hardest thing ever, but the most rewarding.

Scott:  Now that you have taken the plunge and been here a couple of years, what is your 3 favorite things about living in Florida? Libby:  We love the warm weather, beautiful sunsets and having Disney right down the road.

Scott:  What advise would you offer to anyone considering taking the plunge? Libby:  Save up the money!  Then when you think you have enough save some more.  Things were more than we expected. We have managed but it has been hard.

Scott:  How far from Walt Disney World are you located? Libby:  We live 15 min. from the World!

Scott:  What is your families favorite Disney park: Libby:  Hmmmm…we each have our favorite. I think we spend more time at Magic Kingdom and Epcot however.

Scott:  What is your families favorite Disney attraction? Libby:  Tony loves them all, but he really likes Soarin. I love Pirates of the Caribbean, I am a redhead after all. Jordan would take any of them I think. Hannah loves Rockin’ Roller Coaster!

Scott:  What is your families favorite Disney dining experience? Libby:  I would have to say Ohana.

Scott:  Who is your families favorite Disney character? Libby:  Tony, Jordan and I love Mickey!  Hannah is a big Stitch fan.

Scott:  Do you have anything else you’d like to share with the readers? Libby:  If you have a dream, go after it!  Don’t wait for things to be perfect because they never will. Yes, it might be scary, but I am so glad we went after our dream.  I would hate to look back and think I didn’t try.  Right now my husband and I are working for Disney.  Each day when I walk under the monorail on my way to work I think “Is this for real, am I really working at the Grand Floridian?”  It is strange, but yet it is real. This is our new life…we are living our dream and oh what a dream it is!!! So good luck to all the future relocators to the great state of Florida!


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