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Walt Disney World Epcot German Pavilion Miniature Garden Railroad

I grew up in a small town in North Carolina.  In the middle of our town was a railroad track and as a kid, I loved to go watch the train cars pass by.  In my town we didn’t have the penny press machines like you find around the Disney parks, so I also enjoyed when my parents would allow me to put pennies on the track.  Now that I’m older, I love that my kids (especially my boys) love trains too.  We still build massive tracks with their wooden Thomas the Train set and of course we watch Chuggington when ever we can on Disney Jr.  My family and I also love spending time in the Germany pavilion watching the Miniature Garden Railroad.  Did you know this permanent outdoor train miniature train structure was built to withstand rain and snow?

This week while we were at Epcot and as usual, we all stopped by the miniature garden railroad.  I love watching my kids and all the others kids excitement as the trains chug around the track, over the ponds, pass the houses and through the bridges.  Here are a few pictures I captured of this beautiful outdoor display.

Oct 9_48
Oct 9_32
Oct 9_33
Oct 9_34
Oct 9_37
Oct 9_41
Oct 9_40
Oct 9_36
Oct 9_35
Oct 9_38
Oct 9_42
Oct 9_43
Oct 9_39
Oct 9_46
Oct 9_44
Oct 9_45

In the car on the way home from Epcot that evening, my oldest said “It would be cool to ride that train in Germany.”  So we came home, hopped on You Tube and thanks to Disney Parks we were able to experience what it might be like to ride Epcot German Pavilion Miniature Garden Railroad.



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