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What Should I Pack For My Cruise?


Packing for a cruise can be a real challenge!  Cruises require more clothing than many other vacations (especially if you want to change for dinner) and you have less storage space than usual.   Ack!  So what should you bring?

Here are some tips:

Remember, it’s your vacation!  Dress comfortably aboard your cruise, but be sure to bring the appropriate attire for onboard activities and dinner plus any Port Adventures that you decide to do, as well as when you go into port.

Embarkation Day Remember, your luggage may not arrive for several hours after you board so you’ll want to have a carry-on with these essentials:

• Medications (in their original containers) • Passport and travel documentation • Camera and accessories (batteries, memory card, etc.) • Extra prescription glasses or contact lenses • Swimsuit • Sunscreen or hat • Reading material

General Attire and Accessories  • Beach cover-up • Denim jeans • Dinner attire *(see below) • Extra swimsuit • Lightweight pants • Long skirt (required for entry into some religious venues) • Swim diapers for baby • Sunglasses • T-shirts •Shorts •Sundresses •Sandals or sneakers (rubber-soled shoes for Port Adventures) •Socks •Wind jacket (even in the tropics it can get chilly on deck at night)

*Dinner attire is generally “cruise casual,” meaning no casual shorts, swimwear or tank tops. Dinners at specialty restaurants will require you to dress more formally than when dining at the standard restaurants so you will need a jacket for men and a nice dress or pants outfit for women.  Many cruises often feature one or more “cruise elegant” or formal nights.   Dress these nights run the gamut from “church clothes” to out formal wear.  On these nights, no jeans or shorts are allowed in the dining rooms.

Keep these few tips in mind and you’ll have everything you need!

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