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Where Can I Get Free Moving Boxes?

When the family I took the Florida plunge, we did so on our own dime.  Because of this we did everything we could to make our DIY move as inexpensive as possible.  One of the first expenses we attempted to eliminate was the cost of boxes.  Have you priced moving boxes?  Talk about sticker shock!

Here is a list of ways we were able to eliminate the cost of moving boxes from our relocation budget.

1. – This was a great resource to not only obtain boxes, but also allowed us to giveaway a lot of items that we knew we were not going to move with us.

2.  Facebook Community Groups

3.  Department Stores

4.  Liquor Stores – Boxes from a liquor store tend to be small and sturdy—great for books, CDs and DVD

5.  Grocery Stores

6.  Banks or Offices

7.  Apartment Complex Dumpster Areas

8. – A quick search in the free section (found underneath the “for sale” heading) offered several sources for free boxes.

9.  Friends and Family

10. McDonalds – Specifically their French Fry Boxes.  These particular boxes are strong and are perfect for moving heavy items that require a smaller sized box.  Because the original contents of the box are frozen and packed in plastic, you won’t have to worry about the boxes being smelly (or greasy).

Here are a few alternatives that we have not used personally, but have heard good things about.

Uhaul Box Exchange – Connect with other customers to share or exchange boxes, moving supplies or rides.

Starbucks – Starbucks stores will receive multiple shipments each week.  Because Starbucks boxes range in size, it never hurts to ask them to hold their larger sized containers for storing your lighter, bulkier items.

I always recommend that you start collecting boxes sooner, rather than later.  Also, never be afraid to ask a business to hold boxes for you to pick up.  The worse they can say to you is no.

Be sure and check out our other Moving Tips.

Good Luck with your move!

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