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6/2/2013 – Oh What a Day!


Today started very early!  We were up at 6am anticipating the early arrival of our movers.  The 3 of them arrived at 6:30am and they had our Pod fully loaded by 8:15am.  As you can see from this picture, Jayla is modeling our packed POD with her best The Price is Right pose!  At the time a 6:30am packing session seemed way to early, but after it was all said and done we were so thankful to have our day to enjoy with friends.

Once the movers left, we enjoyed a family breakfast at good ole’ McDonalds.  We took advantage of the free WiFi and reviewed our plan of action for the next week to ensure we were on schedule and budget.  So far, so good!

After breakfast and running few errands, we felt we all deserved a trip to our neighborhood pool for a few hours to meet up with friends.  Our neighborhood pool is no Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, but it is not your standard run of the mill neighborhood pool either.  We are very spoiled in that our current neighborhood has a water complex of several water areas.  There is a walk in play pool, a lagoon pool with waterfall, a jr size olympic pool, a LARGE water bucket play area and 2 fun water slides.  As you can tell from the pictures, our kids love it.  This is the one amenity in our neighborhood we will miss the most!


After a couple hours of swimming, we rushed back to our now empty house to clean up.  We were being thrown a going away party by some very special friends and could not wait to get there.  We came to know this great group of people through Lane and Jayla’s soccer team at the YMCA.  All of our kids have played together now for several years.  Not only are they great friends, but they are also DISNEY Fanatics too!  Disney Fanatics so much so that when we showed up to the party, this is what our family was greeted with…

The kids LOVED it!  They all played in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bounce house for hours.  The parents, well we enjoyed reminiscing over the past couple of years, but more importantly we enjoyed talking plans about a future reunion at Walt Disney World.  The mere mention these families visiting us in Orlando gets our kids excited.  Lucky for them, we will be seeing two of these families sooner than they think.  They will be there the week we move in.  I can’t wait to see our kids faces when they realize that they are going to experience Disney with friends!!!

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