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Elf Academy Comes to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa

I recently shared with you about Busch Gardens Tampa Christmas Town!  Busch Gardens Tampa has announced a new additon to Christmas Town, and it’s called ELF ACADEMY!  It seems Busch Gardens Tampa is looking for some very special kids to attend.  Here are the requirements!

Do you have a kiddo that is a Santa super-fan? Crazy for Christmas? An expert on all things elf? If so, they are just the students Elf Academy needs!

 Elf Academy is a brand new Christmas Town experience designed for children and their grown-up holiday helpers. Together, you’ll be led by elves on an extra-special adventure including…

  1. A Holiday Hayride: There’s no better way to travel!

  2. Elf Accessorizing: Even grown-ups get to join in on the fun!

  3. Santa’s Test of Strength: Wait until you see these kiddos work together to take on a challenge of Santa-stic proportions!

  4. The Jolly Jingle: Have your video-skills ready to catch your singing-dancing elf performing by firelight alongside their classmates!

But the fun doesn’t end there! Once they’ve become full-fledged Holiday Helpers, your elf will pose for a class picture* and receive an Elf Academy diploma, which entitles your whole family to priority access at Santa’s House where your little elf can show off for the big man himself!

“Elf Academy” is ideal for families with children 3 to 7 years of age. Visit for more details.


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