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Hire a Mover or Do It Yourself Moving Options

It really is an understatement when we say moving is a really stressful time.  So many decisions in such a short period of time have to be made.  One of the first decisions my wife and I debated was “How To Move”.  So many great options.  It’s all about what works for you and your family.

Here are a few options we discussed:

Option 1: Pack Items Yourself Rent a large truck from somewhere like U-Haul or Budget Pay friends with beer and pizza to load truck Hitch car to the back of truck and drive off into the sunset Unload / Unpack your boxes and furniture as a family.

Pros:  This is the least expensive Cheapest Option and your items will arrive when you do. Cons:  Time consuming, stressful, pay for gas, slow moving on the road with so much baggage, physically exhausting.

Option 2: Pack Items Yourself Hire movers to load your items into a POD. Pack necessities in the car and make a road trip out of it. Hire movers to unload the POD and assemble furniture in your new place.

Pros:  Someone else deals with the hauling, Not going to break back loading/unloading furniture.  Spend quality time with family in the car! Cons:  More expensive than Option 1.  Based on scheduling, your items may not arrive on the exact day you would like them to.

Option 3: Movers Pack/Unpack your Items Items are transported via a cargo line such as Allied.

Pros:  Moving company deals with packing/unpacking and hauling of your items. Cons:  Most expensive option.


Our family chose Option 2 when we relocated to Orlando.  We found that starting early and using the Purge, Donate and Pack method we were able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary items and fit everything into our POD. We found movers in Fort Worth, TX and Orlando, FL using Groupon and Living Social which helped greatly in reducing our moving cost.



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