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Magical Photo Wednesday –

Originally I was not going to go to Walt Disney World last year. *GASP* It can be pretty hard to get down for a family of four on a small budget and we thought this would be the year we were going to take off going to Disney.

One day my sister messaged me and asked if we were planning on going this year. I said no, and then she informed me that she was really hoping for me to take her engagement photos in Magic Kingdom. I was so excited at that possibility that I did everything in my power to get us there. We ended up going and I ended up doing a portrait session with Jodi and Mike. It was a fantastic experience and I wish I lived in the area so I could do these types of shoots on a regular basis.

There were so many backdrops and scenes to choose from and we got to do them all!

This is one of my favorites from the shoot!


You can view more photos form Justin on Facebook!  Also, be sure and check out his “The Cast of Disney” album on Flickr!

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