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Magical Photo Wednesday – Animal Kingdom Lodge

While on vacation at Walt Disney World, my family and i had reservations at Boma, located within Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Knowing the beauty of this Disney resort, I of course brought my camera.  I absolutely love the design and beauty of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Such beautiful detail and  color everywhere that just begs to have a photo snapped of it.

I was trying to get a wide shot of the lobby but since I was using a 24-70 lens getting a really wide shot to do the lodge justice was impossible. I readjusted and noticed these animal statues carved from wood and fell in love.

The light was low so I had to use a tripod so I wouldn’t get any motion blur. I framed it with the bridge and stunning light fixtures in the background.

Let me know what you think!

~ Justin

You can view more pictures form Justin on Flickr.


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