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Magical Photo Wednesday – The Cast of Disney

I am what you would a call a “non-traditional” Disney photographer. I have discussed this in the past but felt that I needed to touch on it again. A lot of Disney Photographers on flickr have the same method for most of their shots. Wait until the Park is closed then run around and get empty park shots at night. Their work is beautiful. I could never be good at it.

I prefer to capture people experiencing the parks. Sure I have my landscape and ride shots but I really love to capture people and their emotions.

It is in that vein that I started a project a few trips ago called “The Cast of Disney”. With this project I look for great moments of cast members while they work. I know I know, it sounds odd. Except it isn’t when you look at the photos. I have not released this one yet as I have been unable to find a edit I was pleased with. In the color version there was an awful purple hue on his head that I could not get rid of.

Black and white instantly came to me.

This photo was taken at the voyage under the sea ride, and the cast member had a long line. He was probably tired and I caught him after he roped us off and went over to have a minute to himself. A very real picture.

You can view more photos form Justin on Facebook!  Also, be sure and check out his “The Cast of Disney” album on Flickr!

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