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Magical Wednesday Photo – Sassagoula River Cruise from Disney Port Orleans Resort

I have been incredibly busy with work and missed last weeks photo! So this week you get two!

We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort for the first time this past year. I have heard a lot of people say that this resort is their absolute favorite! I even recently spoke with a guy who had always stayed in the Deluxe category and has decided to only do Port Orleans from now on! I completely get it, the grounds and amenities are amazing!

One of the features of this resort I loved the most was the ability to take the Sassagoula River Cruise to Downtown Disney! I had heard it was a beautiful ride so I brought my camera and was not disappointed.

When we approached The French Quarter and I saw the other boats going by I knew it would make a cool story telling image so I framed it and took the picture. My only wish was that the sky could have been blue with those trademark puffy Florida clouds.

As we made our way down the river, my wife asked for the camera.  Seems she had an idea in mind for a picture. She took picture and then handed the camera back to me. I

never saw this picture until I sat down to edit them later. I was extremely impressed with her framing and storytelling (perhaps unintentional) with framing the American flag off of our boat. The reason this stands out is because as a Canadian I find myself fascinated with American culture. Sitting on that boat being transported I actually felt like I was taking part in something that was very American in nature. I can’t explain why. Walt Disney himself was a proud American (FUN FACT: His father was Canadian!) and I think he would have loved the Sassagoula river cruise had he been alive to see it.

What is your favorite “American” thing to do at Walt Disney World?  Leave a comment below as Scott and I would love to know.

You can view more photos form Justin on Facebook!


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