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Taking the Florida Plunge, A Daughters Story

October 25, 2013 posted by Scott Parker

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Kasey Vandermark shares her story of relocating to Florida as a child.  You can follow Kasey at Kasey Knows Orlando.

When I was about four my family lived in not-so-sunny Pennsylvania in a small neighborhood nestled into the side of Mount Pocono. The only thing that came in abundance in this neighborhood was grey skies and trees. I do have a lot of fond memories of spending time with my family in Pennsylvania. One day my parents decided that it might be nice for me and my younger brother to see some actual sunshine. They got all the money together that they could and took us on a grand adventure to Orlando Florida. Of course this trip had to include a visit to Walt Disney World!

No one would have guessed that when we visited Disney World for the first time it would change things for my family so drastically. To me and my brother it was a place of splendor. They certainly did not have things like Cinderella’s castle in my neighborhood in PA. We spent

our time in a whirlwind of the most amazing family vacation we could imagine. Driving the cars in Tomorrowland and seeing all the characters. Not many things could make a child (or child at heart) as happy as a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream in one hand and a view of Cinderella’s castle on the horizon. It was truly an experience that no one could ever forget.

After returning to PA it didn’t take long for talk about how Florida seemed like a nice place for kids to grow up was passed between my parents. Next thing I knew I was telling my cousins that I was moving to Florida. Of course they needed to know if we were going to see Mickey Mouse again and of course the answer was yes! In a whirlwind similar to the one during our Disney World vacation we packed and were on our way to Florida. It was difficult to say goodbye to my many family members in PA but there were other adventures on my agenda at the age of four.

Looking back on that move now I see that Disney really opened my parents’ eyes to how amazing Florida can be. Since we have moved to Florida I have almost always had an annual pass to Disney. Some of my most fond memories include the many attractions, restaurants, and adventures that these parks have to offer. If we hadn’t visited Disney World we most likely wouldn’t have moved to this amazing state. I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t moved to FL. I have been given so many amazing opportunities since moving here. Moving to FL may not be for everyone but it was most certainly the best move for my family!

If you’ve taken the plunge and would like to share your story, email me at

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