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The Florida Plunge Show Episode 3: Moving With A Family Member Who Has Special Needs

This week Scott, Kristi, and Ken are joined by Maureen, creator and operator of Autism at The Parks, to discuss what you need to know about making the move with a family member who has special needs.

Maureen is a stay-at-home Wife/Mom, who along with her husband Phil, cares for their son Zack, who is diagnosed with Autism and Verbal Apraxia, full-time.  Maureen started to help families like theirs navigate Orlando’s theme parks.  Maureen provides families a comprehensive informational website that families can find information in an easy manner without having to read number blogs via Google or search through the multitude of posts on social media and Pinterest.

We are excited to have Maureen as our guest this week and find that the information she is able to share is imperative for a smooth transition for any family with a member who has special needs.

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For more information, please be sure to read our original blog post with Maureen right here – Moving with a Family Member Who Has Special Needs.


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