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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Mad Tea Party

It was our last night at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom on what will probably be our last trip to the Orlando area for awhile. I was feeling kind of bummed because I really wanted to close down the park one of the nights and get some fantastic images. My wife was tired, I was tired, and the kids were in an awful mood. It wasn’t happening.

Thankfully my sister and her fiance Mike decided to take the kids on three final rides. I followed along so I could stay in the same general area as them and grab some night shots before we headed back to our resort. I tried to make the best of the situation and grab the best images I could in the space that I was in. The first ride? The Mad Tea Party.

First I took a shot of the ride while it was stopped. There were many vibrant colors and I wanted to capture them lit up at night.

Second I wanted to capture the ride in full motion. I have seen this done by other photographers masterfully and I must admit this is not really my style as a photographer. It was a learning moment however.

Finally I took a step back and just watched as they went on the teacups 3 times. I breathed in deep and closed my eyes as if to preserve every ounce of magic I could. This will keep me going when I miss being here the most, I thought.

Then I saw it. The lanterns in the trees, the quiet beyond the dizzying thrill ride, the empty serene park. I won’t be here for awhile but this place for some reason lives inside of me. It excites me and helps me escape and become completely unrestrained and uninhibited. This place that means so much to so many. Tonight it was mine.


Then I snapped. I got it. Time to preserve it.

You can view more photos form Justin on Facebook!  Also, be sure and check out his “The Cast of Disney” album on Flickr!


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