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We’re Back…And The Force Is Strong with Taking the Florida Plunge!

Family Force


Well, we never really went anywhere, however we had some life changes and the blog was put on the back burner for a few months.  Lot’s has happened in and around Orlando during the past few months and please accept my apology for not being the first to let you know.  On a positive note, Taking the Florida Plunge has done exactly what we had hoped.  It has brought people together, who all have a love for Florida and want to make it their forever home.  Our main Facebook page is up to nearly 7,000 members.  Our Closed Facebook Group, which is very active, is at nearly 3,300 members.  Valuable information is being shared on both of these pages and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the admins for their efforts in making these Taking the Florida Plunge pages the success they are today.

We recently asked you what you would like to see form Taking the Florida Plunge in 2016.  We received an overwhelming response for you, the readers.  Here are just a few of the suggestions you offered.

Pet Focused Topics (Yes, our pets take the Florida Plunge too!) Family Activities Arts & Culture Jobs Schools Things to Do (Free & Inexpensive) Weekend Getaways Florida Plunge from a Singles Perspective Spotlight Neighborhoods (Pros / Cons) Spotlight Local Business

and last but not least, MORE FLORIDA PLUNGE MEET UPS!

If you haven’t heard Scott or me say it before, let me say it here and now.  THANK YOU for supporting Taking the Florida Plunge.  It truly is our goal to provide a place for  you to ask questions, get answers and meet new friends.  As always, we love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment.

~ Kristi


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