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Magical Photo Wednesday: Boma – Flavors of Africa

Whenever we visit Walt Disney World, Boma – Flavors of Africa is at the very top of our dining list. My wife is obsessed with this Disney restaurant, so we make it a must. A major bonus I find in dining at Boma is taking the time to arrive to the restaurant early so that we can walk around the beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I took my camera with me as always!  Along with a great dining experience I also wanted to capture some great pictures of the interior and the decorations while in the restaurant! I was able to capture several shots, however on the way out of the restaurant I saw this beautiful wooden sculpture of an elephant and I had to capture it! Getting a photo of this magnificent piece of art was tough due to the low lighting in Boma, however the Nikon D600 is a beast and bumping up the ISO did not impact the photo too much!

I love this picture and i love this camera!

Do you have a favorite Disney restaurant that you love to capture photos in?

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