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Magical Photo Wednesday – Walt Disney World Attractions at Night

You can imagine how happy I was when I found out that Magic Kingdom was going to be open until 1am. This is every photographers dream! I thought of how I was going to gleefully stroll the parks taking great long exposure shots until security quietly escorted me out.

As it is when you have kids and a tired wife my plans quickly began to evaporated as the final notes of Wishes played. I begged my wife for just a few more minutes, she semi agreed so that was enough for me!

My sister took the kids on three final rides  and I decided just to camp out at each ride to shoot a quick long exposure shot. I am not a big fan of HDR, so I just shot a straight up long exposure.  Normally I am a documentarian and like to capture emotions and people but these rides at night beg to be photographed.

This is the first of three.

I hope you enjoy!

You can view more photos form Justin on Facebook!

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